Reverse Osmosis Scale Control

Reverse Osmosis Scale Control

CES offer a full range of proven products for scale control in membrane applications. These customized products are offered under our VERSATREAT Series product line and are designed to provide outstanding performance for severe service and general purpose applications including the control of CaCO„ CaSO„ BaSO„ calcium phosphates, heavy metals, silica and silicatcs.Thc key to good RO operation is a well maintained pretreatment system. For example, all media filters should be clean and free of channeling.

Residual flocculants and/or coagulants from upstream treatment (cationic molecules or polyelectrolytes) can cause problems when they combine with polymeric antiscalants (anionic molecules). Avoid this problem by keeping the media filters in good condition and not overfeeding the flocculants coagulants.
Antiscalant should be dosed upstream of the RO, typically before the cartridge filters. This assures adequate mixing of the antiscalant prior to entering the RO


Calcium Carbonate Scale VERSATREAT 9010 2-15 ppm Preferred product
Control scale in waters with 151 of 2.8
Also prevents calcium sulfate
Control Iron fouling
VERSATREAT 9020 2-15 ppm Control scale in water with LSI of 2.8
Control iron fouling
Calcium Sulfate Scale
1-10 ppm Control scale in water with LSI 2.5
Induction time of up to 150 times
Delays precipitation up to 2X
Also prevent calcium carbonate scaling
Barium Sulfate Scale
50-100 ppm Multifunctional copolymer for BaSO4 inhibition
Calcium Phosphate Scale &
Heavy Metal Control
3:1 for PO4
4:1 for Fe
Patented copolymer for Silt and Iron inhibitor
Effective inhibition of PO4 based scales
L2-15 VERSATREAT 9036 ppm Control Silica at > 300 ppm

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