Chemical Cleaning

The objective of chemical cleaning is to remove unwanted deposits from plant which have been caused by corrosion of parent metal or by scale precipated from the material flowing through the equipment. The major causes of trouble is the collection area of the system. The deposits by water hardness, but from oxides at the time of comrni ssi oning. The iron oxide content of the deposits is usually due to the rust and mill scale on the internal surface of the pipework. The mill scale and some oxides arc there when the pipe is del ivered to site.

In addition to the iron oxide formed before commissioning, it is often found that other debris is introduced into the pipework during erection for either careless handling of pipework or accidental flooding. These deposits can be readily identifiable as various forms of silica, such as sand and earth. CGS can assists in all forms of chemical cleaning, our company has developed standard method for cleaning large installation. containing various size of pipe work in order to try and minimize the harmful results of deposits and corrosion in cooling and heating system.


CES can offer complete line of pre-operational cleaners, descaling compounds and disinfection products to meet the needs of each client. Pre-up:rational Cleaners De-scaler De-ruster Neutralizer De-greaser Boiler Cip Cleaners Cooling tower Cip Cleaners Cooling tower Sanitization Cleaners for air Handling Unit Boiler Lay-up Chemicals Cooling tower Lay-up Chemicals For more information and request for proposal, contact at

To avoid boiler problems, water must be periodically discharged or “blown down” from the boiler to control the concentrations of suspended and total dissolved solids in the boiler. Surface water blowdown is often done continuously to reduce the level of dissolved solids, and bottom blowdown is performed periodically to remove sludge from the bottom of the boiler. The importance of boiler blowdown is often overlooked. Improper blowdown can cause increased fuel consumption, additional chemical treatment requirements, and heat loss. In addition, the blowdown water has the same temperature and pressure as the boiler water. This blowdown heat can be recovered and reused in the boiler operations.

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