HVAC Chemicals

HVAC Chemicals

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are used to condition the air in commercial buildings and industrial sites. As with cooling systems, all boilers operate on the same basic principles. Water is heated in a carefully designed system to produce steam at the desired temperature and pressure.
Chcmi Equip Solution understand the importance of maintaining water in HVAC systems when it comes to minimizing the occurrence of destructive forces such as corrosion, scale buildup and biological growth. CES can provide full line of water treatment services that extends the life and performance of HVAC systems.

HVAC Treatment For Open Cooling System

CES can provide complete line of chemical treatment solutions that include highly effective corrosion and scale inhibitors for hard make-up water, as well as soft or low IDS make-up water. We can also perform complete cleaning and passivation that can prevent HVAC system contamination.

HVAC Treatment For Closed Loops System

CES has developed an innovative cleaning and flushing system specifically for closed loop systems to prevent the formation of scale and corrosion that are the primary cause of leaks. The cleaning and flushing will remove iron deposits, while the application of a biocide will thoroughly decontaminate the system.

HVAC Treatment For Steam Boilers

Steam boilers are vulnerable to formation of scale that can ultimately lead to warping and rupturing of pipes. Corrosion is another problem in steam boilers and can cause issues such as oxygen pitting, steam trap failure and leaking of the condensate lines. Our HVAC water treatment services include cleaning, flushing and precise chemical application that can stop these and other problems before they can cause extensive HVAC system damage.

Side Stream Filtration For HVAC Cooling Towers

Side stream filtration is an effective tool for the control of deposition and fouling in a cooling water system. CES can provide side stream filtration system designed to remove suspended solids down to a nominal 20p. All offered units are self-contained, skid mounted systems which include a pump, filtration system and control panel. The unit is simply connected into the cooling system along with a power supply. We can offer following equipment’s for HVAC system,

  • Feed & bleed Controllers for cooling towers
  • Controllers for boilers
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps
  • Chemical Injection system
  • Bypass Feeders
  • Corrosion Coupon Rack
  • Flow Switch
  • Bleed Solenoids
  • pH, ORP & Conductivity Probes
  • Chemical Batch Tanks

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