Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling system are designed to provide an efficient means of transferring, transporting, and dissipating heat. This in turn means both potential of problems exists associated with corrosion, fouling and deposition within the system water-wetted areas.
All cooling systems are custom designed for the required heat load rejection under local atmospheric conditions and good water treatment requires at least a basic knowledge of the various types of cooling system.
We can provide cooling water chemical treatment program to our end users customers, irrespective of their industrial, commercial or institutional origin. Our tailor made solutions are a blend of tangible product and services.
CES offer full line of cooling water treatment program under COOL TREAT & BIO TREAT series to combat the combine problems associated with corrosion, scale and bio-fouling.

Side stream filtration is an effective tool for the control of deposition and fouling in a cooling water system. C ES can provide side stream filtration system designed to remove suspended solids down to a nominal 20p. All offered units are self-contained, skid mounted systems which include a pump, filtration system and control panel. The unit is simply connected into the cooling system along with a power supply.
In addition, we can offer following equipment’s for Cooling water system,

  • Feed & bleed Controllers for cooling towers
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps
  • Chemical Injection system
  • Corrosion Coupon Rack
  • Flow Switch
  • Bleed Solenoids
  • 13iodispersant
  • Chemical Batch Tanks

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