Ultrafiltration is a pressure driven separation process, governed by a screening principle and dependent on particle size. Ultrafiltration membranes typically have pore size in the range of 0.01 — 0.10 micrometer and a high removal efficiency for bacteria and most viruses, colloids and silt. Great significance is given to the use of UF for sterile filtration which ensure a retention of > log 4 bacteria, viruses, legionella and possibly even endotoxin. Ultrafiltration is, therefore, the choice of process for point of use filtration for the safe production of drinking water.
CES offers complete range of Ultrafiltration system to meet the needs of each client. All systems are custom designed based on raw water characteristics. Our in-house engineering and fabrication teams deliver a high standard of quality, safety and reliability. For more information and request for proposal, contact at info@ces-pk.com



  • Automated and Manual valve control
  • Automatic self-cleaning filters
  • Coagulation injection system
  • Customize UF modules
  • Static Mixers
  • Epoxy coated Frame
  • NEMA 12 controls
  • Pre & post operation flush
  • HMI & PLC controls
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Feed & product Monitors
  • Feed & product flow meters
  • CEB system
  • Variable Frequency Drive

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