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CES Chemi Equip can design, fabricates, installed and operates water treatment systems for a wide variety of applications. CES can provide services for the following equipment’s:

Chemicals ( Technical Support Services ) Water treatment chemicals, if used incorrectly, can turn out not only to be ineffective, but often counterproductive. Thus the key to effective water treatment lies as much in proper monitoring and control, as it does in the nature of the treatment chemicals themselves.
Providing quality Technical Service is therefore an integral part of our philosophy of water treatment. The specific equipment and programs offered are only part of the total water treatment program developed for your plant. A vital part of our program is a comprehensive service program, which is provided at no extra cost with the use of the products we recommend.
Start-up and Routine Services To ensure smooth and effective initiation of the recommended program, the Engineer from Chemi Equip Solutions will be present at site to:


Prior to hydraulic testing or putting a new system into service, it must be cleaned to remove oil, grease, new pipe mill scale, silts and organic debris, and general rust accumulations. It is then chemically passivated to inhibit corrosion of the various metallurgies involved. Since the system may also contain microbiological contamination, disinfection should be provided prior to allowing any aerosol emissions from any wet-type heat rejection device (WTHRD), e.g., cooling towers, and evaporative condensers

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