Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling system are designed to provide an efficient means of transferring, transporting, and dissipating heat. This in turn means both potential of problems exists associated with corrosion, fouling and deposition within the system water-wetted areas.

All cooling systems are custom designed for the required heat load rejection under local atmospheric conditions and good water treatment requires at least a basic knowledge of the various types of cooling system.

Our Solutions

CES offer full line of cooling water treatment program under COOLTREAT, CESTREAT & BIOTREAT series to combat the combine problems associated with corrosion, scale and biological fouling. Our cooling water programs offer protection and extended equipment life for open recirculating and closed-loop systems. These high-performance programs are designed to increase energy efficiency in our customers’ cooling systems while minimizing unscheduled downtime and interruptions, meaning less cost to operate. 

A water treatment plan for your cooling towers is an extremely important component of your overall cooling water treatment program. Chemiequip will customize a plan for your cooling towers to ensure efficient operation, prevent corrosion, and avoid the dangers of equipment loss.

We carry a complete line of treatment products to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Advanced corrosion & scale inhibitors for low and high hardness waters
  • Protection from “white rust” for systems with galvanized steel
  • A complete line of oxidizing and non-oxidizing microbiocides
  • Unique dispersants for iron, salt, biomass & slime-forming bacteria and other problematic substances
  • Various state-of-the-art inhibitors for treatment of closed loop systems
  • Specialized products (including vapor phase inhibitors) for off-season protection
  • Glycol products and associated inhibitors for protection of winterized systems
  • A wide selection of equipment options for monitoring our programs, including sophisticated instruments for coordinated control of inhibitors, biocides, pH and ORP with modem linkage to remote sites complete with statistical process control and trend monitoring

Our advanced cooling water treatment program allows the recycling of cooling water at high cycles with the no pH control, the treatment is very cost effective and unique in that each component complements the performance of the other components for scale and corrosion inhibition. A synergism enables treatment required for calcium carbonate inhibition at 200 times calcite saturation to be reduced by more than 50% to make it very economical. The formulated treatment is very effective for alkaline pH and acid feeding systems for mild steel corrosion inhibition and prevents deposition on heat exchanger surfaces as well as on a high efficiency cooling tower fill.

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