RO Plants

RO Plants

Chemi Equip Solutions produce both brackish water & sea water reverse osmosis membrane system capable of providing from 1 GPM up to 250 GPM on single skid. The reverse osmosis system shall be of robust construction and designed to conservative standards for versatility in the event of feed water quality and temperature variations.
CES offers complete range of Reverse Osmosis system to meet the needs of each client. All systems are custom designed based on raw water characteristics. Our in-house engineering and fabrication teams deliver a high standard of quality, safety and reliability.
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  • Automated and Manual valve control
  • Automatic self-cleaning filters
  • Cartridge 5 micron nominal filters
  • FRP Media Filtration
  • Antisealent/Antifoulant injection system
  • Biocide injection system
  • FRP Pressure Vessels
  • Epoxy coated Frame
  • NEMA 12 controls
  • Pre & post operation flush
  • HMI & PLC controls
  • Pressure Switches Low & high
  • Feed & product Monitors
  • Feed & product flow meters
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • CIP system

Ready To Stand Out?

To design Reverse Osmosis plant all possible information should be collected on many important things like: geology, hydrology, climate, water chemistry, membranes, chemicals treatments, as well as previous local experiences in similar projects located near by will provide a valuable assistance. The selection of a membrane on the base of its production flow-rate, while ignoring performance parameters will greatly affect performance and lifetime of RO membrane.

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