Mission Statement

Delivering water treatment solution in minimum investment, lower operational and maintenance cost while taking care of environment. To be a strong and dynamic setup providing best quality products delivered on time with effective solution to meet and satisfy customer’s need and requirement, which eventually benefits the industry and community.


To Become # 1 Water Treatment solution provider.

Chemi Equip Solutions

Chemi Equip Solution is establish in 2017 and is the brain child of an accomplish water technologist with vast experience in the water treatment industry. We design and manufactures a complete line of water treatment systems for industrial, municipal and pure water applications. In addition we formulate and manufacture specialty chemicals for boiler, cooling system, reverse osmosis, waste water or disinfection, we are experts at producing clear solutions for your water treatment requirements.
CES has developed a strong reputation for technical development in the water treatment application, embracing environmental and chemical engineering applications. CES prides itself in maintaining quality and innovations in the services we provide to our clients. We utilize our up to date knowledge of proven and emerging technologies to customize innovative solutions to our client’s needs. Read more about the cleopatra slot game.
The company utilize a wide range of technologies, including water treatment chemicals, media filters, membranes, ion exchange, control instruments and related technologies. The company also offers a broad range of services including maintenance contracts & replacement assistance.
Chemi Equip Solutions cares much about environment and continue to promote green and sustainable practices in water treatment programs. Our solutions includes green and sustainable chemistry practices i.e. a chemical philosophy encouraging the design and processes that reduce and eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances and prevent pollution at its source.


Our ethical values direct the way of our organization. We believe that our customers and employees are at the forefront of the organization. Without their well being the company cannot exist to function in the long-run. Our customers are our partners in growth and are constantly in touch with our organization not just for the purpose of sales but their precious advice and guidance help us implement total quality management evolving our organization for good. We put a serious effort in making sure that the well-being of our employees is not compromised, after all a healthy being (physically and mentally) results in developing a healthy organization.
Following are our Core Values:-

  • Team Work
  • Quality
  • Fair dealing
  • Integrity
  • Environment

Quality Policy

The Management & employees of Chemi Equip Solution are committed to:

  • Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Honesty with customers, employees and business community
  • Compliance with all applicable regulatory & statutory requirements
  • Development, implementation & continuous improvement of Quality Management systems
  • Aim of continues efforts to comply with ISO 9001 standard
    Compliance of Applicable laws and regulations.
    Excellence in Quality System.

Our Water Treatment Team

Chcmi Equip Solutions and its highly experienced team of water treatment chemists & Engineers can provide a comprehensive range of Water Treatment Services to help you best manage your valuable water systems; these include:

  • Design and build water treatment system as per client needs • Reverse Osmosis treatment, analysis, CIP and maintenance
  • Cooling tower treatment, analysis, sampling and CIP • Waste water treatment, sampling, jar testing and analysis
  • Steam boiler, steam generator treatment & maintenance cleaning
  • Closed system treatment and protection services
  • Microbiological & Biofilm control
  • Closed System chemical flushing services
  • Ongoing water testing to ensure your systems are maintained in top working order
  • Our Specialist shall advice on how to treat and protect your systems such that they operate safely, efficiently and without unnecessary wear and tear.

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